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Notice To Patients
Zia Diagnostic Imaging provides diagnostic imaging study and interpretation services through our partner facilities for your radiology and imaging needs. Our partner facilities provide the scheduling of imaging exams and our studies. Please review the information below for exam and study scheduling here in Albuquerque.

Scheduling Exams
If you need to schedule a radiology study please call scheduling at one of our partner facilities:
Albuquerque Health Partners Radiology Scheduling Phone: 505.232.1500 Fax: 505-232-1584
ABQHP Radiology
Lovelace Systems Central Radiology Scheduling Phone: 505.727.8966 Fax: 505.727.9816
Lovelace Radiology
When you have an exam at one of our Partner’s facilities you will be billed separately by Zia Diagnostic Imaging for the interpretation of the study. If you have insurance, prior to sending you a bill, we submit a claim to your insurance company based on the information provided to us by our Partner.If you have questions about your bill or your account, or you have a billing record request, please contact our billing company:

  • If the exam/visit was prior to June 19th, 2016, please contact Healthcare Resource Providers at
  • If the exam/visit was on or after June 19th, 2016, please contact MSN Billing at 1- 877-406-2916. The website to make payments, or to live chat with a rep is

You will need your account number and other information from your bill to complete the on-line form. All major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and Debit) are accepted.

Medical Records
Your medical records are available from the facility where your exam was performed. To obtain your medical record, exam reports or a copy of your exam, please call that facility.
Albuquerque Health Partners Medical Records Phone: 505.262.7220 Fax: 505.262.7060
Lovelace Medical Center Medical Records Phone: 505.727.8109 Fax: 505.727.7511
Lovelace Gibson Healthcare Center Phone: 505.727.1225 Fax: 505.727.7265
Lovelace Women’s Hospital Phone: 505.727.7840 Fax: 505.727.7884
Lovelace Westside Hospital Phone: 505.727.2080 Fax: 505.727.2084
Radiology Information for Patients
For information about radiology exams visit
For information about radiology visit